Lumber isn’t the only thing we love at Meridian. We love a great piece of leather, too. In our playing days as a middle infielder, we were strictly the A2K/Pro Preferred type.

Unfortunately, gloves of that caliber have seen some jaw-dropping price increases in recent years – a quick Google search yielded some borderline absurd figures, $550 and up, before any customization. Of course this isn’t dissimilar to what has happened in the wood bat market – we have no shortage of competitors who sell their bats for anywhere from $160 to $200. And while some price increases may be inevitable, sometimes big manufacturers take some pretty cavalier approaches to pricing – and with some pretty flimsy rationale.

One of the foremost ideas we had when starting Meridian Baseball was that a premier product could be offered at honest prices and without the needless mark-up. We chose to pursue this endeavor through lumber, and while we were at the ABCA convention last January in Anaheim, we met Jim Egan, who is pursuing a similar endeavor through leather. And go figure, he’s a Minnesota guy. We stopped by the Buckler Gloves booth during the tradeshow and gloves were actually being made on site – which is pretty sweet – especially for all the baseball rubes in attendance. After we elbowed our way to the front of the display, we tried on a few pieces of leather and suffice it to say, the hide is legit.

Anyways, we got to talking a bit with Jim, and learned a bit more about the product. From sourcing to quality control, Buckler maintains painstaking attention to detail and it shows in their product. Truth be told, it felt strangely similar to how we approach things at Meridian.

Oh, and the price point is awesome. The FAME series, Buckler’s premier offering, is offered for under $250. The quality is every bit as good, if not better than the high priced alternatives that heretofore had the market cornered. The MATRIX series is a close second to FAME, and is also worth a look for the serious ballplayer.

You can learn more about Buckler Gloves (and all their customization options here), and you can follow them on social media here, here, and here.


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