The Meridian bat offering is part classic and part creation, but 100% intelligent design. We offer a combination of your traditional, classic turns as well as a variety of unique designs. And of course, if one of these still doesn’t meet your needs we are happy to consult with you and come up with a design perfectly suited to you.


There are just some bat models out there that have stood the test of time, and while some of our offerings are directly comparable, others are very close approximations.

Looking for the classic 271/191 type turn? Take a look at our EP1, this will get you that traditional bat profile and balanced feel.  Our A5 is also a good option here.

How about the ever-popular 243? Look no further than our V5 which combines a relatively thin handle with a sizeable barrel for that end-loaded, power-hitter feel.

110? Look to our EP3 which while not identical, is comfortably close with the primary difference being a subtle difference in barrel taper.

141? Our TF7 is the ticket with its moderately sized barrel and slow taper from the handle through the barrel.


Our M-series were some of our original designs, all offering similar taper profiles – and thicker handles. The thick handles bring the bat’s center of gravity toward your hands helping you stay inside the ball.  The M6 carries your traditional handle-knob combination while the M2 carries the flared knob many ballplayers are after and were it not for the thicker handle, would be similar to the Cutch22 model.  The M4 is the thickest-handled bat we offer with a particularly large handle at the bottom hand.

The A-series combines thin handles and modest barrels to give the player excellent bat control through the zone. The A6 knob is has no flare, instead offering a more abrupt “lip” for players who either like to have something to rest their bottom hand on, or who like to drape the pinky over the knob.  The A5, as mentioned above is much like the EP1/271/191.  The A9 has a more aggressive flare at the bottom hand.

The TF9 and TF11 are derivations of the TF7/141 turn. Similar tapers, but the TF9 and TF11 possess slightly different knobs with a traditional, no-flare option on the TF9 and a subtle flare late on the TF11.

The BB7 is one of our favorites with its own unique story; you’ll have to ask us about it sometime. Much like our M2, the BB7 maintains exceptional balance, but offers more barrel for the modern hitter. The EP8 is another popular turn, with a traditional and comfortable flare into the knob paired with a gradual taper into a moderately sized barrel.

And finally, the V2 and V10, two polar opposites. The V2 is a large-barreled hog with a thin handle and a big barrel, and is not recommended for those new to wood bats.  The V10, on the other hand is a manageable barrel with a slow and comfortable taper into the knob.


At the end of the day, our first recommendation is to push you in the direction of the model that feels “right” in your hands. That said, and for those who haven’t swung Meridian before, we most often recommend our A5 and EP1, given they are classic models that have been found to be widely popular and have stood the test of time. Similarly, these also mark two very good options for team orders as they tend to be both popular and comfortable for a wide range of players, while also offering good bang for the buck given their moderate designs.

Have a model from a competitor that you’d like to get close to? Let us know – we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.  Likewise, if you don’t see something you must have – let us know and we can work with you to design the perfect stick for you.

And as always, don’t hesitate to give us a shout with any questions!